What is the Bible?

What is the BIBLE?


The Bible is a wonderful record of God relating to the human race, initially through the Jewish Community.


It is a truthful record of the experience of the relationship between God and humanity. Sometimes that truth is literal and historical, and sometimes symbolic poetry.


There is a huge richness within the Bible: an almost infinite treasury of beautiful insights into God. It contains simple delights and profound soul searching challenges.


This life-enhancing Scripture is a mixture of history, laws, myths, poetry, theology, wisdom literature, biography, stories, philosophy and much more!


The Bible contains vital words of God. But it is not The Word. Jesus Christ is the Word of God.


The Bible isn't God.


So called Biblical fundamentalism is a man-made religion, dating in part from the Reformation era and later.


Biblical fundamentalism is based upon the varied and often opposing personal interpretations of individuals and groups.


Biblical fundamentalism produces a fractured, splintered variety of religiosities; falling out of fellowship with one another. Often (though not invariably) they are marked by a judgemental holier-than-thou, condemnatory approach.


The Bible teaches us that we are to worship and adore God, and God alone.


We are not to worship the Bible - to twist, distort and force it into our own prejudices - for that is false idolatry.


The printed words of scripture are used by God - but they are not God!


Remember, Jesus gave us the Church; the good news of salvation; new ways of being creative, renewed, liberated.

One thing Jesus did not give us was the New Testament.


The final contents of what we accept as the Scripture was agreed by the Church decades and centuries after the Ascension of Christ.


The Church predates, and authorised, the canon of the New Testament.


The Bible is a life-changing gift of God; as are the loving prayers of the Holy Mother of God, and other Saints.


But those who enthrone the Bible in place of God, the so called Christian fundamentalists; then often go on to deny the supreme truth - that God's love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness is never withdrawn from any person, any creature, throughout eternity.


Of course, to accept and experience God's love we have to chose to respond, in this life or the next - but God never ceases to wait, in love, for anyone.


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