Prayer & Votive Candles

Votive lights can be lit in the Lady Chapel of St Aidan's Church, Skelmanthorpe, any time the church is open, as a symbol of our prayer before God, Our Lady and His Saints, with a suggested donation of a 20 pence contribution (to help pay for the candles)

However, if you would like to have a named votive candle to burn at every service for a month or more, then please kindly let me know the name of the person the candle is to be lit for (perhaps just their Christian or first name if you wish) – at a suggested donation of £2.00 per candle per month.

Several people have requested votive lights to be lit (over a four-week period) for friends who are ill or in any sort of trouble, or as a symbol of prayer for departed loved ones - and some have given a donation for three months or more at a time. 

Please note that, for our fire risk assessment, all candles are extinguished when the church is closed, and then relit at the next service,

We also welcome any requests for individuals to be added to our intercessons list - perhaps just using their Christian or first/given names especially if it is a confidential or sensitive reason that prayer is being requested. We also pray for the departed (see also information about Requiem Masses on our ''Funerals'' page). Any requests can be emailed to me at or telephone 07805 509469

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